Sunday, 28 June 2020

Post Lockdown Planning by Udayan Team

The NGO sector in India has been in a state of flux over the last 3 months during Lockdown. As it tries to re-imagine life post COVID-19, Udayan is refining its strategies to suit the changed scenario.


Focusing on the immediate post-lockdown scenario, Udayan is channelizing its efforts to ensure the protection of our beneficiaries and staff. The Governing Body of Udayan has been working with our Director, Dipak Sahu, to develop a detailed operational plan that will help us continue working on our goals without putting people’s safety at stake.


Total Estimated Budget for proposed COVID-19 post lockdown measures is INR 1.96 Lakh – we seek your support to help us cover this additional expense.


Udayan will implement the following broad guidelines from our Post-Lockdown Strategy:

 Cleanliness and Hygiene

       All buildings and vehicles at Udayan will be sanitized on a regular basis.

       After entering into the premises, mandatory hand sanitization is to be followed by all.

       Sanitation of walls, doors and windows will be done twice a week.

       Washrooms and toilet cleanliness will be ensured. These facilities will be cleaned daily with phenyl to keep a check on infections.

       Masks are compulsory for all children and staff members.

       Sanitizers and hand wash soap will be placed in all cottages and common places inside the premises. House Brothers and House Mothers will ensure regular cleanliness and handwash be maintained by all children.

       All the staff members shall daily sanitize their respective mobile phones, laptops, electronic tablets, etc. 

       All the groceries and vegetables will be properly cleaned and  sanitized as soon as they are brought from outside before being used in the kitchen.

       All kitchen staff members will use hand gloves, headcover and masks while cooking in the community kitchen. Frequent hand washing by cooks will be monitored by the Accountant and Store Keeper.



Entry and Visit

       No staff member with symptoms of cold and fever should enter Udayan premises.

       Compulsory screening for all people visiting the premises.

       Entry gate will be equipped with a thermal scanner.

       Visitors, sponsors or volunteers are not allowed to visit Udayan cottages and interact with children. However, they can visit the office with proper permission from Udayan authorities.

       Children should get a fitness certificate issued by a Doctor before coming to Udayan. Any child with fever or related symptoms will not be allowed entry.

       Children’s entry in Udayan premises post-lockdown will be in  phase-wise manner.



Helplines and Other Information

       A contact person will be appointed for every cottage. This person will be responsible for reporting the health status of children on a daily basis to paramedical staff. The paramedical staff will bring to notice any illness to the Director.

       Staff members will avoid crowd formation in the premises and will ensure maintaining social distance while working and interacting with children too.

       Food will be served while keeping in mind the social distancing norms. Food will be served using spoons and tongs and will strictly not be touched by hands.

The Public Helpline numbers of the Central Government of India (1075) and Government of West Bengal HelpLine Number (1800313444222/03323412600) to be displayed in all prominent places inside Udayan premises. All House brothers & mothers must keep the same saved in their mobile phones.

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