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UDAYAN, meaning ‘resurrection,’ is a home and school on the outskirts of Kolkata, India, for children whose families are affected by Leprosy. 

The children of Lepers suffer from the stigma of the disease - they are rarely sent to school and often end up as beggars, street children, child workers or involved in crime.  Girl children become victims of human trafficking.Set on 8acres of lush, green land, this residential home and school ensures this does not happen.

Every year Udayan helps 300 children receive the highest quality of care, compassion and education - to enable them to lead healthy, respected, productive lives.

Udayan is a special place ... Once you visit, it remains in your heart, forever. 

  • EDUCATION - Students at UDAYAN are fully supported to do their best in school.  Our smaller children attend an on-site school, Udayan Vidyalaya, whilst older students from 5th-12th Standard, attend off campus, local schools and are ferried to and from school by Udayan Buses.  Udayan also provides scholarships for further studies and tertiary education.  
  • A LOVING HOME -  Children are entrusted into the care of Udayan to provide a safe, loving environment for them away from the  stigma of leprosy.  Our many buildings are set up to provide children with basic facilities, and children are provided with clothing, school uniforms, study materials, health/hygiene requirements as well as care from ‘house mothers & fathers’ at Udayan. 
  • TRAINING - Udayan places a strong focus on Vocational Training to give children good, practical skills to support them in gaining employment in life or in starting their own business. Udayan also plays a role in helping place students in relevant institutes, providing scholarships and financial assistance, and facilitating placement in jobs. 
  • EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - At Udayan we believe in fostering all aspects of the child and their personality.  Despite a busy schedule, we provide a variety of extra curricular activities to keep children active, stimulated, entertained & exploring various aspects of life.   Our students play sport, learn music and dance, do yoga and enjoy lots of fun activities.

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