Friday 30 December 2022

Leadership Training by Wipro – Bangalore & Pune


Udayan’s leadership team, Director Dipak Sahu and Assistant Director, Adrija Mitra, attended two consecutive programmes, facilitated by Wipro Foundation.

The on-campus training in Wipro, Bangalore held from 15th – 18th September 2022 focussing on key strategies to promote a healthy, vibrant and thriving team environment among NGOs, along with techniques to optimize the overall well-being of the organization through micro shift strategy planning. The training helped to strengthen Udayan’s approaches in promoting optimal work environment for staff members and the collaboration further strengthened the long term ties between Udayan and Wipro.

An another 3-day program at Pune, Maharashtra for 20th Wipro Foundation Partners’ Forum. The program ran from 5th December to 7th December 2022 with an aim to Strengthen Indian Education. More than 150 Partner organizations have attended the program to share their valuable knowledge on the same.

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