Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Girls' Program Strengthened

The revamped Nivedita Bhavan, which is home to our 100 girls at Udayan.
Our 100 girls at Udayan are flourishing, thanks to the support of the Steve Waugh Foundation, who has helped enrich their lives through a variety of initiatives in 2018/19. 

This is including the revamp of facilities at Nivedita Bhavan, installation of much needed laundry facilities, home supervision via House Mothers and weekly, empowering, Karate Classes.

A key focus of the support, was the provision of Nursing Scholarships.  With a passion for pursuing Nursing, 11 of our graduates are now studying General Nursing Degree on full scholarship support from Steve Waugh Foundation. Nursing is popular among girls at Udayan, who have seen first-hand the impact of significant health issues like Leprosy in their families. 

But obtaining a Nursing degree is an expensive exercise! Not only are the fee’s expensive, but the costs of books, travel and daily incidentals must be met – which is not possible for these girls and their families.

As such, Steve Waugh Foundation is helping these girls chase their nursing dream – a pursuit which helps to uplift their entire family. 

Steve Waugh has a long association with Udayan and it was on his request and support, that girls were first introduced at Udayan back in August 1999.

Since then ‘Steve daa’ has been a part of the Udayan family and his Foundation continues to touch the lives of our girls and their families. Thank you!

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