Monday, 20 May 2019

Training to Build Resilience Among Children ...

Dipak Sahu facilitates an interactive training session with staff on Resilience Building
A three day Resilience Building training workshop was conducted in May, for all staff members of Udayan by Director, Dipak Pakash Sahu. Dipak is a Master Trainer in Reslience Building, having completed an intensive training from the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS, Bangalore).  Here, he talks about the meaning and importance of Resilience Building among children, and why these are vital tools for Udayan Staff. 

What does resilience really mean?
Being resilient is being able to adapt and bounce back to the original state when something difficult happens in our lives. It is to come back to the original position after a traumatised past or a painful experience.

Why is resilience building important?
When we are in a difficult situation, our thoughts and feelings get disconnected and we feel that all things are going south, it becomes exceedingly difficult to regain our balance and control over our five senses. Resilience building helps us to cope and adapt with such situations.
Why is it important for our children?
Our children have all been through various kinds of painful experiences or trauma in the past, they also struggle daily, to cope with it. Resilience building exercises will support them in regaining their self confidence and in turn, help them develop strategies to become more resilient. They will learn about themselves, their strength and concern, and will realise how to manage various situations in life. They will come to know about their own competencies which they might have not been aware of.

What did Staff learn as part of the Training?

Staff were taught 45 different exercises that equip them with the necessary tools to engage with children. Through various sessions, role plays, exercises and activities, they learnt how to help children overcome different emotionally charged situations. This also supported them to become aware of their self, internal and external strengths.  At the end of the three day workshop, all staff realised the importance of Resilience Building exercises and how they can be effective in empowering our children.

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