Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Three Udayan Girls - waiting to be sponsored!

Udayan will launch a new and improved Child Sponsorship Program this month, along with a campaign to find sponsors for 300 children affected by Leprosy!

The campaign, nicknamed #Operation300 will be the first, full blown attempt, to find sponsors for all 300 children – so they can live, study, grow and flourish at Udayan! To support the initiative, Udayan friends in Australia, India, UK and Canada are coming together to help reach our goal of all 300 children sponsored!

We are looking for caring individuals (and companies) who can play a small role, sponsor a child, and take care of the costs of their home and education expenses. As such, there are two types of sponsorship available:

  1. Education Sponsorship – through this sponsorship, you will be able to provide a child with quality education for one year. Your donation will help us with their admission fees, school uniforms, school shoes, bags, books and stationery, and also private tutor costs for studies, dance, music, karate and yoga. These children need constant support for their studies. We provide them with qualified private tutors who help them with their studies. Our children have gone on to become nurses, physiotherapists, entrepreneurs, artists, hotel management professionals, computer engineers, government school teachers and more. The education sponsorship of one child is Rs. 6600 (75GBP or $135AUD) per child per year.
  2. Home Sponsorship – this sponsorship covers all other costs required to run the home support provided for the children. Apart from education, we provide the children with nutrition (three meals and snacks every day), 2 sets of home dress (undergarments and winter clothes), their very own bed, blanket, pillow and towel, toiletries and linens, medical support. We have a doctor visiting Udayan every week to see children and support where needed. We also have a full time medical staff to take care of day to day problems. Given the medical background of the children we regularly monitor them for leprosy patches and if found, prompt medical attention is provided. The Home Sponsorship is Rs.10,200 (115GBP or $210AUD) per child per year.
To support the campaign, Udayan Member, Mahua Hazarika and her company Rickshaw (an advertising company based in Mumbai), have provided pro-bono support and developed a beautiful Child Sponsorship Brochure. 

Udayan is home to children of leprosy affected families. Often stigmatised, these families have to live in colonies and settlements outside the main city or town. They have very less income opportunities and therefore can hardly provide for their children. Arranging two square meals a day becomes tough for them, and education is always a distant dream.

“At Udayan, we strive to make the lives of these children better. Our aim is to make each child educated and have them stand on their own two feet. Our aim is every child should have one employable skill, either through professional or vocation course” says, Mr Dipak Prakash Sahu, Director, Udayan.

But this cannot be done alone! 

It is YOU and YOUR generosity that will help us achieve this dream – to help us find sponsors, email us at cmn.udayan@gmail.com and we will send you a Sponsorship Kit to forward to your family and friends!

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