Monday, 14 June 2021

Children Set to Return to Udayan


Udayan's children will be returning to Udayan this week, after heading home during the second phase of Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in West Bengal.  All will be happy to know that till date, no Udayan child has contracted COVID19 and all children are healthy.


On their return, the children will be provided with nutritious diet containing protein, vitamins and minerals regularly as per the doctor's advice. Apart from dietary aspects children will be involved in physical exercises (Pranayam, Yoga and Warm up exercises) as part of their Udayan’s routine.  Children in Udayan are using triple-layered masks, and practicing strict hygiene to protect them from the Covid -19 virus.

Prior to this lockdown, children were brought back to Udayan in Phases in 2020.  Phase 1 brought back students from class IX upwards. The children were quarantined at Udayan for 14 days, where we provided them food and other necessities separately. Similarly, in the 2nd and 3rd phase students from class V to VIII returned in the 1st week of January 2021 and children from class I to IV in February respectively. State rules and Udayan guidelines were followed in all three phases. 

We look forward to having the children back with us on campus and continuing their care and education.

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