Monday, 14 June 2021

Ready, STUDY, Go!


Udayan has always been striving to create a strong education structure for our children. Even in these tough times of COVID pandemic, our team is making efforts to help children continue with their studies and exam preparations.

Online Learning

The Covid -19 pandemic necessitated a migration from conventional schooling to remote learning. Udayan has successfully transitioned to digital learning where online classes via Google Meet are held for the students from Classes I-IV of Udayan Vidyalaya. Our Teachers conduct online classes from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The morning schedule is convenient for parents who work outside. It helps children to attend the classes regularly and parents can carry mobiles to their work place after 11 am. A chapter revision test paper with 15 marks of each subject is provided to children every Friday evening through Whatsapp group. Our secondary school students are attending online classes of their respective government schools in groups under the guidance of staff members with laptops. All the children from Class V to Class VIII are participating in online activities conducted by their respective schools.

Board Exam Preparation

At Udayan, we take special care of children appearing for Class X and XII board examinations.  Unfortunately, board exams were cancelled across the state in 2021, however we are focussed on preparing our children for exams in 2022. As per the schedule prepared by Home Superintendent in consultation with children; all 2022 board examinees study for 8 hours a day - including self as well as group study sessions. Our House Brothers and House Mothers supervise special study hours, and children are provided with a special diet during the study sessions.

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