Friday, 25 January 2019

Clubbing Up ...

A new initiative has been taken up toward the holistic development of our children. We have formed three Children's Clubs at Udayan, namely, Discipline, Sports and Culture.

The Discipline club will look after the health and hygiene of the children. They are also responsible for maintaining discipline at the cottages. The Sports club members will ensure that all children participate in sports and play everyday. The Culture club members are responsible for organising the various cultural activities at Udayan. They will also oversee that the children practice their dance and music routines on a regular basis.

The objective behind forming these is the following:
  • Improving the Child Friendly environment at Home
  • Improve the decision making skills of the children
  • Help children raise their voice
  • Help children know their rights 

The club members will discuss the issues and take actions with the support of the care givers. Through these clubs we aim to build leadership and communication skills of the children so that in the future they can do their own advocacy with the government.

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