Friday, 25 January 2019

New Child Development Plans

In order to take a more individual approach to each and every child at Udayan, a new initiative has been implemented in 2018 which saw the development of individual Child Development Plans for students.
An initiative of new Director, Dipak Sahu, the plans aim to capture baseline data of children, identifying key areas to uplift child competencies. Speaking about the new plans, Dipak explains how they are developed. 
“The domain areas of the Child Development Plan are divided into two sections.” He said.

Section 1: 
  • Child Development & Child Rights
  • Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Moral Development
  • Building Resilience, Provision/Protection/Participation Rights

Section 2:
  • Towards Quality In Settlement
  • Education, Career, Competencies & Settlement
“Based on the sub-contents of the Section 1 and 2, the CDP supports the staff to find out the strengths and concern areas of each and every child. The findings then help the staff to develop an action plan, in consultation with the child.” Dipak said.
The overall exercise supports the child to overcome concern areas and become more competent in their areas of strength. 
“Udayan staff then develop Action Plans for each child for a year, and through this exercise, come to know the interest areas of the child towards his/her career, based on their competencies.” He said.
"The exercise supports the staff in setting career goals for the child and tries to provide all the necessary support to help the child reach their objectives. This is reviewed every six months.” Said Dipak.
Areas of Development of the child:
  • Education Improvement
  • Physical, Emotional, Social & Moral Support to Overcome Trauma
  • Support in Decision Making
  • Conducive Environment for Growth
  • Enhancement of Competencies of the Child, 
  • Career Plan and Job Placement
  • All types of protection
Udayan Director, Dipak Sahu, who has over 12years experience running a children's Institution in India

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