Friday, 25 January 2019

Sketching a Different Route - From Leprosy to Art School

Bapi Dey came to Udayan in 1995 as a chirpy kid. Though average in studies, he always showed a keen interest in Arts. His father passed away when he was in school. His mother, Nilima, had only one wish that Bapi should grow up to become a financially settled man. She did not want Bapi to go through the difficulties of a life in poverty. Nilima begged on streets to survive. 

However, Bapi was not able to cope up with the pressures of formal education. We at Udayan understood that his success lay elsewhere. It was the that Udayan got him admitted to La Matenere SEOMPE Art College for a course in Arts. He later went on to complete his graduation through distance learning.

Today Bapi is doing what he loves most. He is earning his living through Arts. He runs his own ,very successful Art School, Nilima Art Center, named after his mother. The school has over  200 students. He is also associated with two local schools where he is the art teacher. He now earns around Rs.25000 per month. 

Bapi sketched a different route to success and Udayan was with him every little step of the way.

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