Friday, 25 January 2019

Volunteers Go the Extra Mile!

Our names are Sara, Sarah and Emily, and we spent a week volunteering at Udayan in March 2018. We had such an amazing experience getting to know both the incredible children and staff at Udayan, we wanted to do something when we arrived home from our travels to show you how appreciative we are of the time we spent with everyone at the home.

In August 2018, the three of us held a fundraiser with our friends, families, and neighbours. Here, we had information boards on Udayan, played live music, served dinner and dessert, and made a speech to our guests. In this speech, we discussed the profound effect Udayan and all the incredible children had on our lives. We tried our best to convey to our friends and family how much we learned in our eight days at Udayan and how it was an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives.

It was our goal to raise $5,000 through this event, all of which we would give directly back to Udayan. It ended up that, through our fundraising efforts and the generosity of our friends and family, we were able to surpass our goal and raise just over $5000! We are overjoyed to be able to give this financial support, and hope that it can go a long way for the children. The money we have raised is to give back to the home and all of the incredible children that touched our hearts.

Additionally, we would love if you could possibly please pass on a message from us to the children and that is:

We love you all and think of you often. You are still all our brothers and sisters and we have raised this money with you in our hearts. We will never forget everything you taught us and will always speak about the memories we made with you. We hope to come back to India to see you all again soon, but until that point, know we think of you all every day.

Sending love your way,
Sara, Sarah, and Emily

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