Tuesday, 3 September 2019

40 New Children Selected to Join Udayan

In July, a delegation from Udayan hit the road and travelled to 9 different leprosy colonies across West Bengal to identify and select 40 new children to intake at Udayan.  Taking place over a period of 3 long days, staff took the opportunity to interact with families and community members – strengthening relationships in the communities that we have served over the last 50 years.

40 children have been selected and will join Udayan in September – spending the next 4months undergoing special education courses to ascertain their educational level, introduce them to the basics of learning and literacy, and help prepare them to integrate into different classes – according to their level and aptitude. 

A visit to the Leprosy Colonies is vital to fully understand and appreciate what it is we are trying to achieve at Udayan.  Our ultimate aim is that each Udayan graduate is placed in jobs or businesses that offer salaries above 8000Rs per month. For it is in the development of a ‘livelihood’ that these young men and women can help to uplift their families.

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