Tuesday, 3 September 2019

AGM & Annual Strategy Workshop

It’s that time of year again when we meet for the Udayan Annual General Meeting.   All Members are invited to attend the AGM which will be held on Sunday 22nd September at 11am at Udayan.
Whilst the AGM is a statutory legal requirement, it presents an opportunity for members and friends to come together and review the progress of Udayan over the last 12months.  It is also the time to re-appoint a Governing Body to guide the strategic direction of Udayan and provide fiscal and operational oversight. 
Governing Body members are coming together on Saturday 21st September for their Annual Strategic Planning Workshop, which will be held from 2-5pm at the Taj Bengal.  The workshop will map out strategies for the next 3 years to take Udayan to an all new level and will cover the following areas:
·      Programs
·      Marketing & Communications
·      Fundraising
·      Finance
·      Governance
·      Human Resources & Operations
·      Infrastructure Development
The plan will help guide management staff and GB members in prioritising key projects and will also help inform budget planning for the future.
The last strategy for Udayan was completed in 2017 and, with many of the priorities identified in that plan complete, it is time for GB members to regroup, set their sights on the future growth and stability of the organisation and document it.

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