Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Staff Studying Masters of Social Work

Udayan House Brother (and Ex-student) Debasis Kalindi assesses children in Leprosy Colony.

Udayan House Brothers & Mothers are upgrading their education, with 3 staff members pursuing a Masters in Social Work to support their work and strengthen their knowledge.
Mr. Debasis Kalindi is an ex-Udayan boy and hails from Durgapur Leprosy Colony.  Bright, articulate, passionate and motivated, he decided to obtain his MSW just 15 months ago and has already completed 1 year of the 2year course. He finds time to study in between 2.00 p.m. - 3.00p.m. when our children are in school, after dinner from 9.30p.m - 11p.m and on his days off.
But Debasish  is not alone.  House Mother Ms. Padmabati Mandiwas was also inspired to pursue higher studies in the development sector. Mr.Nayan Sutradhar is a house brother, doing his MSW from Netaji Open University. All these above mentioned house Mothers and Brothers are going to appear for their 1st Year examination in the month of September 2019.  
As a part of their course, they have chosen Udayan for their internship and exposure in the child care institution. Their daily experiences of dealing with children and observing development of children through various wellbeing programmes has helped them for deep understanding of  the subjects.
House Mother Ms.Pranati Bar has completed her MSW degree just one year before.
 “Udayan is the best choice for us, for the NGO internship during MSW. The continuous support from our Director and other staff members hashelped us to understand the subject, handholding experience of dealing with children, process of documentation, baseline survey, and monitoring of programmes.” Said Debasis Kalindi.
“We have undergone Resilience Building training in Udayan, which has enriched our knowledge about child development, the same while implementing with our children we found the depth of each exercise and how it help children to overcome from past trauma.”

Padmabati Mandi has found her studies has helped value-add her work at Udayan. “Earlier it was not clear to me about my regular ongoing routine and was unable to correlate it with child development. Now it is easier for me with the support of my seniors and MSW course also helped me to improve my communication skill."
It is a strong sign of a changing future for Udayan.  Udayan is professionalising, evolving and strengthening as a result.  Trained and educated manpower is the need of the hour and we are proud of these dynamic staff efforts and initiative to better themselves – for the ultimate benefit of Udayan and its children.
A big round of applause to these dedicated and committed staff members!

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