Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Photography Shoot

Sandip Manna, Abhijit Pal, Sreoshi Ghose and Kishan Bahety on the recent Photoshoot at Udayan

With a host of new communication initiatives on the drawing board at Udayan, the team recruited the skills of 3 local, amateur photographers from Kolkata. to spend a morning at Udayan to capture ‘life’ in beautiful still images – to bring to life our work in an inspirational and positive way.
Abhijit Pal, Kishan Bahety and Sandip Manna spent 5 hours at Udayan, shooting high quality images on their professional cameras to support our new collaterals, annual report and digital marketing strategy.
A big thanks to these amazing and talented volunteers who captured beautiful images of our children, in a volunteer effort.  Additional thanks goes to Sreoshi Ghose who facilitated the project and liaised with the volunteers to execute the project.
The results speak for themselves …

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