Monday, 11 January 2021

Prasanta shares about his recent birthday celebration

 Hello, my Name is Prasanta Majhi, I am from Tata Nagar Leprosy Colony. I came to Udayan in 2017 with my parents and got admission in Udayan Vidyalaya, I go to Sewli Boys High School and Study in Class V. 

I love to stay in Udayan because I have many friends here. We go to school together, learn Karate together and play together in the evening. I learn Football and Basket Ball.

On my birthday on 3rd February,   I cut cake with my friends. I love eating cake. I want to join the Indian Army after completing my studies at Udayan.

I wish that in 2021 I get to join the regular school and meet all my friends.

Happy New Year!!

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