Monday, 11 January 2021

Selection Drive for the Next Batch of Udayan Students


The Udayan team has been in the field in the first week of January, visiting leprosy colonies and conducting a selection drive for enrollment of the next batch of children.  After visiting 10 Colonies during the week, the team met with over 120 children whose parents were eager for them to attend Udayan.

The selection drive was conducted in the following colonies

1. Nabadiganta
2. Kankarganga
3. Rahamat danga
4. Sitarampur
5. Simonpur
6. Jabunabandh
7. Kalanpur
8. Paiyardoba
9. Barakar
10. Adra

After a rigorous scrutiny of documents and assessing the livelihood status of families, 65 children were shortlisted. Once the enrollment formalities are completed, Udayan will house 289 children in total.

A glimpse of the selection drive

 "This year we visited 2 colonies that we haven't visited in the last few years. The state of conditions there is quite gruesome.  Accommodation facilities, in particular, are substandard and the people are extremely poor and stigmatized.  These colonies are very old and have been in existence for over 50 years." said Dipak Sahu, Udayan Director.

 He further added, "We had a good response from families, and our reputation in the colonies are very positive after years of goodwill. All parents are eager to have their children enrolled at Udayan for a better future." 

The Udayan family is excited to welcome its new members. 

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