Thursday, 13 February 2020

Child Sponsorship Program & Online Donation Facility Launched

A new child sponsorship program has been launched and sponsorships have been coming in from across India and the world to support our children.

The program offers individuals the opportunity to support children in a number of ways – providing donors with options according to their budget and interest:
  • Education Sponsorship
  • Home Sponsorship
  • Full Child Sponsorship
  • Vocational Training Sponsorship
  • Corporate Sponsorship
One Child Sponsor recently visited Udayan and said she had decided to sponsor 2 girl children because she herself had 2 boys.  “I wanted to support some girls and have them join my family.”

Another sponsor from Dubai had been looking around for a program to sponsor a girl child, and was thrilled to be able to select and pay for the sponsorship via Udayan’s new online payment portal.

Thanks to the support of Dana Mojo, Udayan has set up and new donation facility on our website so that people can donate and support us easily, from their mobile phone and with the ease of their credit/debit card.

“Donating should not be an arduous process” said Chair Emily R Menon.  “People want to help, but when the process is complicated, they get frustrated and shy away from giving.”

“We have been receiving donations every second day from across India and internationally, in places like Dubai, US, UK, Australia and Singapore.” She said.

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