Thursday, 13 February 2020

Latest & Greatest from Our Children

  • Exam Results

All the children at Udayan achieved good results in their recent exams and have successfully promoted to the higher classes.  A total of 25% of children have secured marks above 90% and 27% of children have secured 80% in aggregate marks in their final examination held in December 2019.
Moreover 85% children have secured marks above 75% in aggregate marks. The quality of education in Udayan has increased significantly thanks to new methodologies of teaching,   resulting in improvement of education among the children.  

Compared to the annual examination result in 2018, 20% children have succeeded in getting higher marks in their Final Examination in 2019.  Well done children and a big thanks to our teachers and tutors for their diligent efforts in this area!

  • Udayan Children Dominate Sports Meet

In the month of January 2020, Sewli Boys’ High School celebrated their Annual Sport event. A total of 65 children from Udayan participated in the Annual Sport event, and among them 25 children have won prises in 100 meter & 200 meter races, Shot put, Riley race and Long jump.  Udayan students always perform well and this meet was no exception!  Sports and participation in meets like this do wonders to help our children overcome the ‘self-stigma’ so common among leprosy affected people – boosting their confidence, self-esteem and elevating them in the eyes of others also!  Congratulations kids …
  • New Football Coach at Udayan

Did you know that our kids are mad about football?  They play it at every chance they get and to encourage them further, Udayan engaged a new Football coach in September 2019 to strengthen the technical skills of our children in Football and rigorously build their fitness levels for the sport. Mr Santanu Sengupta, who is a dedicated football coach in the district, has helped many Udayan boys qualify for under 19 years state football league and comes highly regarded.  He visits Udayan twice in a week and teaches our children passionately – instilling values and ethics like discipline, hard work and team work along the way.  We look forward to seeing the progress of the children in the coming year!
  • 31 New Students Integrate Well

31 new children have arrived at Udayan to kickstart their education and Udayan home life.  Aging from 6 years to 11 years, the new children suffered from homesickness for the first couple of weeks, but soon found support in the friends from their colonies and of course, made new friends.  Older students also have been displaying great leadership in taking new students under their wing and nurturing them – teaching them about life at Udayan and all aspects of our daily routine.
  • Christmas Cottage Competition

Once again the Christmas Cottage Competition took place at Udayan with students working long and hard to decorate their cottage in a variety of themes.  This year, for the first time ever, the girls from Nivedita Bhavan took out first prize with their sculpture themed around the environment and reducing plastic use. The Boys cottages were also been decorated with innovations and social themes. It was surprising to see how ‘waste materials’ could be reused and utilised for decoration at Christmas. The children used earthen idols which were discarded after Puja, old silk materials, sand mixed with dry colours, twigs, straw and many more materials for their displays.  The children of Udayan took themes like water conservation, reducing plastic, global warming and recycling of materials which surely shows their concern about environmental social impact.

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