Thursday, 13 February 2020

Strategic Planning - 2020 & Beyond

In September 2019, Chair Emily R Menon & Director Dipak Sahu led a Strategic Planning Workshop with Governing Body members to chart out the strategic objectives of the next 5 years at Udayan.

It was a powerful workshop and many insights were captured.  Key highlights of the strategy include:
  • Launch of a Community Outreach program to provide Early Childhood Education to children pre-Udayan; educate parents on the importance of education/livelihoods and leprosy.
  • Improvement of Education outcomes at Udayan via capacity building of teachers, implementation of specialist programs for Foundational Literacies (literacy & numeracy, digital, science, English speaking, finance); strengthening of evening tutoring program.
  • Strengthen Employability program via skill training (particularly boys), sessions to build aspirations for children, career counselling and institute/industry visits.
  • Development of a detailed Personality Development program to overcome Self Stigma and foster workplace competencies and character traits in children for livelihood.
  • Detailed Infrastructure Development Plan to address campus issues and upgrade facilities.

“Strategic Planning is an important annual exercise and we at the GB will be holding an Annual Strategic Planning Workshop to ensure a strategic, big picture focus to drive Udayan into the future.” Said Emily R Menon, Chairperson at Udayan.

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